Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Learn Cupping’s FAQ page! Below are answers to some commonly asked questions about cupping therapy and our platform. If you have any further inquiries, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Cupping therapy is an ancient alternative medicine practice that involves placing cups on the skin to create suction. This suction is believed to promote blood flow, relieve muscle tension, and encourage relaxation.

Learn Cupping is an online platform designed to provide comprehensive resources for learning about cupping therapy. We offer a course, tutorials, and informative articles to help individuals understand and practice cupping safely and effectively.

The course will teach you all the basic information about cupping. You will learn about its origins, when to apply it, and what the contraindications are. You will learn how to prepare yourself and the patient for a cupping treatment. All of this is demonstrated in the videos. In addition to this basic information, you will learn a total of ten different cupping techniques.

  1. light cupping
  2. medium cupping
  3. strong cupping
  4. sliding cup
  5. flash cupping
  6. flash cupping with multiple cups
  7. bamboo / herbal cupping
  8. wet cupping
  9. cupping with plastic cups
  10. cupping with silicone cups

The course is available for €99,-

The course contains a total of about an hour of video material. The videos are ‘straight to the point’ and provide clear and direct information without filler footage, advertisements, or audio clips.

The course is divided into 14 videos.

No. When you purchase the course, you have lifetime access to all the video material. You can come back at any time to review the videos or pick up where you left off.

The video course demonstrates exactly how the techniques work and provides all the information you need to start cupping. However, as with anything, practice makes perfect. You cannot learn cupping just by watching instructional videos. You also need to practice cupping in real life.

Cupping therapy can benefit a wide range of individuals, including those seeking relief from muscle pain, stress, anxiety, and certain medical conditions. However, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare professional before starting any new therapy, especially if you have pre-existing health concerns.

When performed by trained professionals or following proper guidelines, cupping therapy is generally considered safe. However, it’s essential to be aware of potential risks, such as bruising, skin irritation, or rare complications. If you have any concerns about safety, consult with a qualified healthcare provider.

If you’re interested in trying cupping therapy, we recommend starting by educating yourself about the practice. Explore our courses and resources to learn about different cupping techniques, safety precautions, and best practices. If you’re considering receiving cupping therapy from a practitioner, be sure to choose a licensed and experienced professional.

While some individuals may choose to purchase cupping sets for home use, it’s not necessary to have special equipment to learn about cupping therapy. Our courses and tutorials cover a variety of techniques that can be adapted to suit your needs and preferences.

Cupping therapy is often used as a complementary treatment for various health conditions, such as chronic pain, migraines, and respiratory issues. However, it’s essential to consult with a healthcare provider to determine if cupping therapy is appropriate for your specific situation and to develop a comprehensive treatment plan.