Meet Mike Kuyper

Mike Kuyper (1985), born and residing in the Netherlands, is the instructor for the online video course on cupping. After completing his secondary education, Mike pursued a degree in sports coordination at CIOS. It was during this time that his interest in health and the human body was sparked, leading him to further his studies and become a physiotherapist.

Contributing to the fitness and well-being of the human body is a passion for Mike. However, during his physiotherapy studies, he realized that relying solely on physiotherapy was insufficient.

During a seminar on Korean martial arts he attended in Italy, Mike was introduced to acupuncture and Eastern medicine for the first time. Intrigued by this encounter, he decided to pursue further education in acupuncture immediately after completing his physiotherapy degree.

Throughout his acupuncture training and internships in China, Mike encountered cupping for the first time and experienced firsthand its effectiveness. In the years that followed, Mike attended various additional training sessions and treated hundreds of patients with cupping therapy.

Presently, Mike works as a physiotherapist, acupuncturist, and herbalist. Additionally, he assists in practical lessons at Qing Bai, a school specializing in Chinese medicine. Together with his wife, he operates a practice specializing in acupuncture and Chinese medicine in Bergen op Zoom. For more information, visit